Canyon Theatre Guild

Moonlight & Magnolias



OPENS MAY 24TH and RUNS THRU JUNE 22. (Possible hold over on June 23)

Auditions will be scenes from the play and/or pick a 2 minute speech from the play. If you would like the audition scenes ahead of time, please email Brad Sergi at:

SPECIAL NOTES: All characters require fast paced dialogue and slap stick physical comedy. The style I am going for is just left of Realism. Please check out the acting in early Coen Brothers films. I need actors to be courageous in their choices. These characters were real people. There is lots of history and photos to check out for your research.

STORYLINE: Legendary film producer David O. Selznick is five weeks into shooting “Gone With the Wind” when he realizes the script is awful, and that the present director, his friend George Cukor is moving way too slow. He has five days to replace the director and script and restart the shoot, or the production will shut down. Selznick calls Victor Fleming from the set of The Wizard to Oz to direct, and he taps legendary playwright, screenwriter and script doctor Ben Hecht to rewrite the script. There's only one problem: Hecht hasn't read the book. Over the course of five madcap days, the three men, assisted by Selznick's assistant, Miss Poppenghul, frantically craft one of the most beloved screenplays of all time. as Selznick and Fleming act out the book for Hecht. Ron Hutchinson's play, based on historical events, is written as farce, but the characters also deal with serious questions about race and the fragile position of Jewish executives in Hollywood.





DAVID O. SELZNICK - (Lead)- Big time movie producer. Married to the daughter of the famed head of MGM, Louis B. Mayer. Haunted by the failures of his father in the film industry. He buys the rights to the successful book “Gone With The Wind” to make into the greatest epic ever! This film will make him the greatest ever or bury him. “He’s got to have this film!” Neurotic. Real hustler. Does not take “NO” for an answer. Late 30’s to late 40’s


BEN HECHT - (Lead) - Famous screenwriter , Ex journalist from Chicago. very committed to pro Jewish issues. . Hired to rewrite the script of “Gone With The Wind”. However, he has never read the book and believes this film is doomed. A voice of consciousness. Butts heads with the new director, Victor Fleming. Sarcastic, 40's to 50’s.

VICTOR FLEMING - (Lead) - famous director, womanizer, blowhard but really a bit insecure underneath. Directed ‘’Gone With The Wind'', “Wizard Of Oz''. Started out as a mechanic and limo driver and is constantly afraid he will end up back where he started. He actually changed how films were shot with cameras moving during filming. 40's to late 50’s.


MRS. POPPENGHUL - (Supporting) - David O. Selznick's long time dutiful assistant. She takes care of the never ending supply of peanuts and banana. How many ways can you say, ‘’Yes Mr. Selznick''? Improv ability. This part will be much larger than appears in the script. 30's to 60's.