Canyon Theatre Guild

Two shows, one audition! 


The Curious Savage & You Can't Take it With You

Saturday, January 14th: 10AM - 4PM
Sunday, January 15th: 1PM - 5PM


Auditions at 24242 Main Street in the Studio at the Canyon Theatre Guild 


Details for each show:
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“The Curious Savage”

Dir: Nancy Lantis

Asst. Dir: Patrick Rogers

Run: March and April 2017

The Guests:

Florence: Late 20’s, gentle, eager to please, mature, inclined to be “elegant”.

Hannibal: Mid 30’s, pink, plump and cherubic.

Fairy May: Early 20’s, childlike, imaginative to the point of fibbing, pale, slender. Special Needs actresses encouraged to audition (please talk to director for clarification).

Jeffrey: Mid 20’s, handsome, ex-military, dignified beyond his youth.

Mrs. Paddy: Dumpy, middle-aged woman of awesome ferocity.

The Family:

Titus: 50’s Well dressed Rep. Senator with conservative tastes. Somber, direct.

Lily Belle: Late 40’s – early 50’s, tall, slender, self assured.

Samuel: 50’s, short, undistinguished, dwarfed by the personalities of his siblings.

Ethel: 60’s – 70’s, small, fragile, she has a youthful face & intelligent, lively eyes.

The Staff:

Miss Wilhelmina: Mid 20’s warm and efficient.

Dr. Emmett: Late 40’s – 50’s professional, kind, cares about his patients.

Please contact only the director, Nancy Lantis, with any questions.
(818) 314-6141

"You Can't Take it With You"

Award winning 1930's comedy by Kaufman & Moss (authors of three Marx Brothers films)

Director: Brad Sergi
Assistant Director: Margo Caurso


Run: March 25 - April 29 (9 Performances with 1 possible add on April 30)

Looking for Zany actors right out of a 1930's Marx Brothers movie! Not a musical but dancing, singing and playing musical instruments a plus. 2 minute comedic monologue and/or reading from the script.


Grandpa Martin Vanderhof: late 60's to 80. Head of the household. Happy, kind, wise. Harmonica a plus.

Penelope Vanderhof Sycamore: Late 40's to 60. Grandpa's daughter. Eccentric, child-like, charmingly blunt,free spirit,quirky.

Paul Sycamore: Late 40's to 60's. Penelope's husband. Charming, easy going, never looses his composure. Kind of a youthful air. Likes to build silly things.

Alice Sycamore: Mid 20's. Penny's younger daughter. Intelligent, romantic lead, pretty and normal compared to the rest of her family. In love with her Wall Street boss's son, Tony Kirby Jr.

Essie Carmichael: Late 20's to early 30's. Penny's older daughter. Aspiring ballerina. Dances thru out the play, sometimes quite poorly other times quite well. Free spirit, full of joy, quirky like her mother.

Ed Carmichael: 30's. Essie's husband. Plays the xylophone. Oddball, oddball! Physical comedy a plus.

Tony Kirby Jr: Late 20's-early 30's. Love interest to Alice Sycamore. Works for his father on Wall Street but does not like it. Handsome, charming, extremely likable.

Mr. Kirby: 60's. Tony Kirby's stern father. Wall Street serious executive who has constant indigestion. Traditionally authoritative, conservative, repressed, condescending blow heart.

Mrs. Kirby: Late 50's-early 60's. Mr. Kirby's stuffy wife. Shocked by the family of her son's girlfriend. Pompous, full of her self. Stock character in a Marx Brother's film or "Three Stooges" episode.

Boris Kolenkhov: 30's to 60's. Essie's loud, Russian dance instructor. Preferably big. Russian dialect a must. Physical comedy a plus. High energy.

Mr. De Pinna: 30's - 60's. Lives in the Vanderhof-Sycamore household. Enigmatic, odd, "dances to his drum". Makes fireworks in the basement. Physical comedy a plus.

Rheba: Late 20's - 50's. Efficient, adaptive maid of the Vanderhof-Sycamore household. African American but could be Irish or Asian. Cheery, speaks her mind. Fits right in with this eccentric family. Singing a plus.

Donald: Late 20's - 50's. Rheba's boyfriend. African American but could be Irish or Asian. Cheerful, fun, high energy. Singing, dancing, physical comedy a plus. Ability to play a harmonica a plus.

Henderson: 30's - 60's. I.R.S. Agent. Comedic a must. Another stock character right out of a Marx Brother's film. One scene.

Gay Wellington: 30's - 60's. Drunken actress. Physical comedy a plus. Perhaps a frustrated, over the hill silent movie actress. See Carol Burnett's Norma Desmond!

Olga: 30's - 70's. Grand Duchess. Russian. Left Russia after Communist Revolution. Fallen on hard times, now works as a waitress in Times Square. Comes in toward the end of the play.

F.B.I. Agents: 3o's - 60's. Three to four. One scene. Physical comedy a plus. Think cops in "Three Stooges" episode.

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