Canyon Theatre Guild


Director Barry Agin and his artistic team are seeking men, women, and children for this large-cast Christmas classic. Come spend the holiday season onstage for an experience you'll never forget!

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the play.
Headshots and resumes welcome if you have them.

Saturday, September 30th, 10am - 3pm
Sunday, October 1st, 2pm - 5pm
Callbacks will be Tuesday, October 3rd, 7pm

Auditions at 24242 Main Street in the White Building Studio at the Canyon Theatre Guild

Rehearsals & Performances:
Rehearsals begin October 5th and will run most weekday evenings.
The show runs November 24th - December 23rd.

Principal Roles:
Ralph - Ralphie Parker’s adult alter-ego. Acts as the story’s narrator. Also may play: Cowboy, Tree lot owner, Delivery man and neighbor (adult 40+)
Ralphie Parker - Protagonist. A young day-dreamer. Ralphie will stop at nothing to get his ultimate Christmas wish - a Red Ryder BB gun - no matter how many odds are against him. (Stage age 9-12)
Mother - Patient and kind. Discretely smarter than her husband. While strict with Ralphie, she can also be a bit too coddling of her younger son, Randy. (Adult age range 35-50)
The Old Man - Ralphie’s father. Although often grumpy, he certainly means well. He has a strong desire to make a better life for his family and prove himself a winner, even if through unconventional means. He is a savant of vulgarity (although B-rated). (Adult age range (35-50)
Randy - Ralphie’s younger brother. Coddled and over-protected by his mother, much more so than his older brother. He is certainly cute, but can be a bit over-dramatic, even for his young age. (Stage age 7-9)
Secondary Roles:
Flick - Ralphie’s friend and classmate. Despite being a target for the neighborhood bully, he is always up for a dare, often with disastrous consequences. Also may play various roles during Ralphie’s fantasy sequences. (Stage age 9-12)
Schwartz - Ralphie’s friend and classmate. His good-hearted nature leads him to be an unwitting scapegoat. Also may play various roles during Ralphie’s fantasy sequences. (Stage age 9-12)
Scut Farkus - A year or two older than the other boys. Schoolyard bully who frightens and torments the other kids - but is he as tough as he seems? Also may play various roles during Ralphie’s fantasy sequences. (Must Look older than Ralphie)
Esther Jane Alberry - Classmate. Caring and loyal. She clearly has a crush on Ralphie, but is it reciprocated? Also may play various roles during Ralphie’s fantasy sequences. (Stage age 9-12)
Helen Weathers - Classmate. Although teacher’s bet, she surely has a tough side when it comes to the boys in school. Also may play various roles during Ralphie’s fantasy sequences.(stage age 9-12)
Miss Shields - Ralphie’s teacher. A competent educator. She cares for her students but sometimes finds the children’s antics tiresome. (Adult)
Santa Claus - Your typical mall Santa. He likes children but after a while, he finds his seasonal job to be tedious and maybe even degrading. After a long day, he likely just wants to go home to a cigar and some scotch. (Adult)
Ensemble (if used) - Other school children, tree-lot customers, mall-goers, etc. 

Note: age of children may vary depending on casting



Audition information coming soon for...
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-  The Snow Queen (Play)