Canyon Theatre Guild

Directors John Lucewich and Michael Owston are seeking a cast of 20+ for the classic fantasy adventure, The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe.

Rehearsals will be begin a week and a half after auditions, in the evenings. (Time will be taken off for the holidays). This show runs on the weekends late January through February, a complete schedule will be ready at auditions. Please be prepared to provide any rehearsal conflicts at the audition. Headshots and resumes welcome if you have them.

The audition will consist of a cold reading of characters from the show. British accent preferred, however not required. The show consists of a variety of zany characters, children (ages 8 and up) and adults are encouraged to audition. Bring your energy and strong character choices to the audition room! This journey through Narnia has quick pacing and, as one would expect, a magical flare!

Further callbacks may be held on November 8th, 7PM - 9PM.


Monday, November 5th
7 pm - 9 pm

Tuesday, November 6th
7 pm - 9 pm

If neither audition time works for you, please contact the director at to arrange a different time

Auditions at 24242 Main Street in the White Building Studio at the Canyon Theatre Guild.


ASLAN: (male, 25-60) Regal and powerful but with an underlying passion, the lion stands as the rightful king of Narnia.

WITCH: (female, 20-60) Cunningly sweet one moment then strikingly wrathful the next, she is the one who has usurped the throne from Aslan.

PETER: (male, 15-21) The oldest of the four children who venture to Narnia. While a young
man of integrity, he has had to play the role of parent perhaps too young and thus reflects a
somewhat dictating persona.

SUSAN: (female, 15-21) The second oldest of the four children who venture to Narnia. While compassionate and wickedly clever, she also has had to play the role of parent a bit too young, and thus reflects a slight dictating persona.

EDMUND: (male, 13-18) The second youngest of the four children who venture to Narnia.
Cranky and temperamental, he sides with the witch without his siblings.

LUCY: (female, 8-13) The youngest of the four children who venture to Narnia. Sincere and
sweet, she leads her family in the adventure.

MR. BEAVER: (male, 25-60) A cranky pessimist, but at heart a true Narnian patriot who aids the children.

MRS. BEAVER: (female, 25-60) Plucky and boisterous, she also aids the children in their

UNICORN: (male or female, 12-40) Spirited and naïve, he/she leads the quest after the White Stag and aids the Beavers in helping the four children.

CENTAUR: (male or female, 20-60): Bold and brave, he/she longs for Aslan’s victory over the witch.

TUMNUS: (male, 18-40) Quirky and nervous, the good-hearted faun gets mixed up in the wrong crowd.

ULF: (male, 18-50) Grave, arrogant and militant, the wolf leads the witch’s secret police.

DWARF: (male or female, 12-60) The crusty character serves as the witch’s main servant and underling.

FATHER CHRISTMAS: (male, 30-70) A Santa-like character, lacking many of the overt
stereotypes, leaves a profound sense of hope and cheer.

ELF: (male or female, 10-20) Father Christmas’ plucky assistant.

WHITE STAG: (male or female, 8-18): The elusive Narnian creature everybody longs to catch for the good luck it brings.

ASLAN’S ARMY: (males or females, 15-40) Various Narnians who fight for Aslan in the final battle and stand by his side when he faces the witch.

NARNIAN CREATURES: (males or females, 8-18): Various creatures who inhabit Narnia.

WITCH’S ARMY: (males or females, 15-40) Various evil characters who fight for the witch in the final battle and stand by her side when she faces Aslan.