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Jane Austen’s mastery of manners and morals is on full display in Christopher Baker’s acclaimed stage adaptation of her beloved masterpiece, Pride and Prejudice. In the Bennet sisters’ world, marriage is the prize, but for second-eldest, Lizzy, companionship trumps blind courtship. Enter Mr. Darcy, and one of literature’s most iconic and tempestuous romances takes flight. Journey through a world quite unlike — and yet perhaps not so different from — our own, as Lizzy and Darcy learn that first impressions aren’t all they seem, and that second chances can lead to answers that have been there the entire time.

Audition Notice


Director Barry Agin and Assistant Director Eduardo Arteaga will be holding open auditions for this outstanding adaptation by Christopher Baker that stays true to the classic story while infusing brilliant humor throughout the play, making this show a joy to perform in and to watch.

The show plays weekends, March 28 through April 26, 2020 at the Canyon Theatre Guild. There is no pay/stipend.

Rehearsals: Mondays through Thursdays, 7 pm - 10 pm.
(Possible Friday rehearsals later on.)

10 am - 4 pm


5 pm - 9 pm



7 pm - 10 pm


24238 Main Street in the White Building Studio
at the Canyon Theatre Guild.


•  Seeking male & female actors of a variety of ages for a variety of roles.

•  All races/ethnicities are encouraged to apply.

•  Auditions will be cold reading from the script.

•  Come prepared to list all conflict dates (no performance conflicts accepted).


Elizabeth Bennet (Age: Early 20s, Female)
Smart, witty, beautiful, but not as obviously “classical” beauty as her sister Jane, strong willed, confident, playful with words.

Mr. Darcy (Age: Mid-to-late 20s, Male)
A very wealthy gentleman, handsome, proud, arrogant, sensitive, observant.

Jane Bennet (Age: Early-to-mid 20s, Female)
Classically beautiful, genuinely kind and innocent.


Mr. Bingley (Age: Mid-to-late 20s, Male)
A wealthy gentleman, handsome, genuinely kind, has a humility that is lacking in Darcy. Has a sincere zeal for living. 


Lydia Bennet (Age: 18+ to play late teens, Female)

A bit lusty, boy crazy, unpredictable, also shirks the rules. Very playful and outgoing.

Mr. Whickham (Age: Late 20s - mid 30s, Male)
A new militiaman, charming, smart , handsome, cunning – needs to be believably genuine and sincere and the when the mask drops a horrific user and con artist.

Mr. Bennet (Age: Late 40s - late 50s, Male)
A gentleman, well off, but far from wealthy, smart with a wry sense of humor, bookish, allows himself to be henpecked. Dry humor requires excellent comedic timing.

Mrs. Bennet (Age: Early 40s - 50s, Female)
Mr. Bennet's wife, mildly shrill, excitable, overbearing, shirks the rules to advance her goals.

Miss Caroline Bingley (Age: Early 20s, Female)
Mr. Bingley's sister, wealthy, proud, mildly condescending, elegant.

Charlotte Lucas (Age: Early 20s, Female)

Elizabeth’s close friend, a bit dowdy, consider plain looking, a good friend but in the shadows of the Bennet Girls.

Mr. Collins (Age: Early-to-mid 30s, Male)
Mr. Bennet’s cousin, a clergyman, oddly formal, bookish, sincere but mildly overbearing and annoying.


Lady Catherine de Bourgh (Age: 50s - 60s, Female)
Darcy’s wealthy aunt and Mr. Collins’ patroness, proud, observant, likeably crotchety. Possibly doubles with either Mrs. Hall or Mrs. Reynolds.

Mary Bennet (Age: Early teens, Female)
Mr. Bennet’s youngest daughter. Some piano skills a plus.

Some roles will be doubled up with other characters.


Mrs. Hall
Bennet’s maid.

Bingley’s servant.

Mrs. Reynolds
Darcy’s housekeeper.


Mr. Gardiner
Mrs. Bennet’s brother, uncle to the Bennet daughters. 

Mrs. Gardiner
Mr. Gardiner’s wife, aunt to the Bennet daughters. 


Mr. Denney
A Militiaman.

Mr. Brandon
A Militiaman.

Militiamen, Servants, Dancers, and Ball Guests


It's 1942, and two of Hollywood's biggest divas have descended upon the luxurious Palm Beach Royale Hotel -- assistants, luggage, and legendary feud with one another in tow. Everything seems to be in order for their wartime performance...that is, until they are somehow assigned to the same suite. Mistaken identities, overblown egos, double entendres, and a lap dog named Mr. Boodles round out this hilarious riot of a love note to the classic farces of the 30s and 40s.

Audition Notice


Director TimBen Boydston will be holding open auditions for Suite Surrender, a hysterical farce paying homage to the comedy classics of the 30s and 40s.

The show plays weekends, March 27 through April 26, 2020 at the Canyon Theatre Guild. There is no pay/stipend.

Rehearsal info available at audition.

7 pm - 9 pm


7 pm - 9 pm


24238 Main Street in the White Building Studio
at the Canyon Theatre Guild.


•  Seeking male & female adult actors of a variety of ages for a variety of roles.
•  All races/ethnicities are encouraged to apply.

•  Auditions will be cold reading from the script. There will be no dance audition.

•  If auditioning for singing roles, please come prepared to sing a torch song from the 1930s or 40s or a show tune in that style. Bring an accompaniment track on your personal device. (No recorded vocals on the backing tracks, please.)


Bernard Dunlap (Age: 40 - 60, Male) 
The dapper and impeccably dressed General Manager of the Palm Beach Royale Hotel & Spa. Unfortunately high strung he is constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown when things don’t go as planned…and they never do. Non singing role.

Claudia McFadden (Age: 30 - 60, Female)
America’s Beloved Matron of Song. Larger than life, she moves into every room like an elegantly dressed tornado, punctuated with an exclamation point. Must be able to sing.

Athena Sinclair (Age: 30 - 50s, Female) 
A great star of stage and screen. Beautiful, stylish, and every inch the diva. A former screen siren, she is Hollywood Royalty and everything that goes with it. Must be able to sing.

Murphy Stephens (Age: 20 - 30s, Female) 
Athena’s personal secretary. She is young, pretty and very efficient... and former fiancée of Francis. Must be able to sing

Mr. Pippit (Age: 30 - 50s, Male) 
Claudia’s skittish, subservient personal secretary. Compared to his employer, Pippet is a tiny man. Also looks after Mr. Boodles, Claudia’s lap dog. Piano playing a plus. Non-singing role.

Dora Del Rio (Age: 30 - 50s, Female) 
The quintessential  gossip columnist- Hedda Hopper on speed. Should be good at physical comedy. Non-singing role.

Mrs. Everett P. Osgood (Age: 40 - 60s, Female) 
Matronly, stylish and always a bit daft, she is a society matron and President of the Palm Beach Ladies for Unity. Should be able to sing.

Francis (Age: 20 - 30s, Male) 
A bellhop and former fiancé of Murphy. A likeable All-American guy. He quit show business to join the army. They wouldn’t take him so he’s been hiding out in Palm Beach. Singing a plus.

Otis (Age: 20 - 40s, Male) 
Another bellhop. Otis tends to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. To that end, he must have excellent physical agility and comedic timing. Non-singing role.


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